Monday, 16 February 2015

If I'm not writing in this space for a few days at a time

it generally means I'm either working on the novel, convincing people I don't know to get drunk with me, watching rock shows from the back row, negotiating my way out of potential incarceration situations, devoting extra effort to keeping my tender position on the wage slave ladder, taking advantage of my rare and ever-fading chances to see some of the fleeting things that happen every day in this town like the stupid Gates or some light festival, or running around town trying to get my camera fixed, or chasing people down I haven't seen in forever in some quixotic need to bounce new ideas off perfect strangers, or running just as hard in the other direction away from someone else trying to do exactly the same thing, or hiding out in my bunker waiting for Bob Novak to out me as a spy against my will, or walking across the Williamsburg Bridge and just enjoying the view at the apex where it feels like the whole world is your amphitheatre, or I'm bowling.

I am around if you need anything.

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