Monday, 16 February 2015

PE is an Evil

Today apart from music I speak about some personal things. You know PE, huh it is nothing but premature ejaculation that many men hide though we are professionally good at. Let me talk about it though it is bit off topic.

Three years ago I was in deep trouble with my sex life: I enjoyed intercourse but it lasted for all of two minutes. That probably meant my partners in bed didn’t enjoy it at all – they wanted me to last longer. And some of them took the trouble to very kindly tell me as well.

If there’s one thing worse than coming too quickly, I guess it’s being told by the woman you’ve taken to bed that unless you find out how to last longer in bed she’ll be walking out on you. (Mind you, that was the kick up the ass I needed to actually get up and do something to find out how to delay my ejaculation and make sex last longer.)

So that was the start of a journey through dozens of programs, techniques, books, websites, and even sex therapists. Talk about tedious! Finding out how to last longer in bed wasn’t difficult, as all I had to do was try all the ideas to delay my ejaculation that I found. Oddly enough, in some ways it was actually quite enjoyable – I certainly had a lot of sex, although sadly not with the same women for very long.

Anyway, it was my own fault, because looking back I can see now that some of those programs were so crazy that I should never even tried them, and I’ve certainly learned to last longer in bed much more quickly if I’d ignored them. Giving you the scoop on what works and what doesn’t is therefore my mission, in the hope that you can learn to last longer during sex and become as good a lover as I am.

Sounds a bit arrogant doesn’t it? However, it is true in all I mean to say is that with the right treatment program for premature ejaculation you can easily discover how to last longer in bed.

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